XO Cutter - Phantom Spalted Tamarind
XO Cutter - Phantom Spalted Tamarind

XO Cutter - Phantom Spalted Tamarind

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This XO Phantom Spalted Tamarind is for those who like exquisite and unique. Spalted Tamarind is a beautiful wood from Southeast Asia. Much of this wood comes from logs that were either found on the forest floor or were cut and then allowed to spalt in the very damp warm conditions of the jungle. The colors and various line patterns are truly unique from one piece to another.  The pairing of the Spalted Taramind and the black stainless blades makes for having a piece that you just won't see in the lounge everyday.  Add one to the cart today...you will be glad you did!


  • Fits up to 64 ring gauge
  • Razor sharp blades
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Precise, 1 handed operation
  • Cuts the cap of 70RG cigars
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty